– What Are Its Functions? is a common factory IP, which is assigned to popular routersproduced by such companies as ACCTON, Denex, & others.
This numerical label is assigned by default, however, a device owner has a possibility to change it. After getting access to router’s interface, one canchange different settings & parameters of the device. They include, forexample, WiFi settings, proxy settings, ADSL, and so on. – Use Restrictions is the address of your device. You cannot get access to otherrouter devices that do not belong to your local networks. This is due to security reasons. This numerical label is private. Those who are willing to use 2 analogous modems inside one network, need to make changes in the IP of one of them in order to prevent conflicts between them. But if the2nd device has other IP, for example, 192.168.l.2 or something like this, there will not be a conflict within your network. In fact, it’s very simple.

How to Open Interface?

To open interface, that is, to get access to your router’s administrative panel, you need to open any browser, such as Chrome or Safari, put the mouse cursor on the URL bar and type the required address. After that, the browser will show you a window with 2 fields where youshould type your login & pass. You can find these 2 words by differentways, namely:
• Look at the bottom of your router device, most likely, you will see login & pass there;
• Read the instructions to your device carefully;
• Additionally, you can use the Internet and find information on variousportals devoted to PC world.
Some persons change the pass and then forget about it. Well, it is not a problem, believe us. You can correct the situation easily – you just need to reset factory settings of your router device. To do this, you need to find a small button on it (the button is usually hidden in a small hole). After that, press against the button, holding it for approximately 15-20 sec. If youcannot open the interface, probably there are problems with connection. If you’re connecting via other device, like smartphone or laptop, make sureyou are in the correct network. Additionally, your modem / router may haveother numerical label, such as 192.168 l 254.


If you want to maximize protection against hackers, it’s better to modifyfactory IP of the device. The standard IP address is known to manypersons, so hackers my attack it to steal your personal information (usingviruses or DDoS attacks). To change the IP, open the admin panel (we’ve told you about that above). Then you need to open LAN Network tab. Change the IP and it’s in the bag!