A private IP address often servs as a default one for various home broadband routers. It means that any device, router, modem or a computer on a private network can be defined to use this IP address.
Sometimes you can face any problems with connection, or you just have to set up your router newly, or you need to change a password. Anyhow you have to get an access to your device administrative panel. So how you can do it? Firstly, you have to visit by typing IP address by hand. Secondly, you will run into a request to enter a login and a password. The default login and password you can find easily online. Some users enter “admin” or “1234” as a password. A login bar can be left empty. Otherwise if you don’t know the password you can recover this information by resetting your router’s configurations. On the device backside you can find a small button and press on it for about 10 seconds. All done! Now your router is back to default factory settings.
There are some details of assigning to a device. Internal address can be assigned dynamically using Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, in short form – DHCP. It implies that an IP address of a modem can change mechanically. Static IP address assumption is also possible but it can cause connection challenges.