– Key Functions allows persons to modify different settings on the device, in particular: LAN, MAC, security, and so on. In fact, they can make anychanges. But the most common reason to get to the IP interface is changing password settings. Advanced users can also use it to performother actions.

It is important: only one device in your local network can have this address. Otherwise, two (or more) addresses will conflict.

How to open

Accessing the IP of any modern router / modem is a quite easy task. Justopen your online browser and type into the URL bar. When theinterface appears, you need to enter your login & pass. According to thefactory settings, they’re as follows: login – “admin”, pass – “admin”. It’s so simple to remember.

This info is usually printed on the router bottom, namely near the dataabout the device producer.

Well, after you enter data for logging in, you will receive full access to settings. If the system shows that you’ve entered incorrect login / password, it might mean that you have changed them. Or probablysomeone has done that. Regardless of the cause, you can reset yourrouter. To do that, press & hold the Reset button for around 10 sec. Resetting your network device to its default settings will also reset thepassword.

In order to prevent these situations, we recommend you to change thepassword and write it down. Default value is easy to remember, but it is also easy to be hacked. So, to modify the password, open the router’s interface and find the admin tab. During the process, the system willrequire you to type the pass twice. Then push “Change” button and that’s all.

You cannot see – what to do?

If page isn’t displayed by your web browser, it may mean thatthis is not your IP. Fortunately, there is a smart way to find it out. Launch a command line on a Windows PC: open “Start”, enter “cmd” and then type“ipconfig / all” in the appeared window. This will help you to clarify your IP address. Another option is checking your router’s instruction. Probably thedevice has a different address, some of which are or