is known as an IP address of A class that is used as a default gateway of routers. Moreover, in one local area net this IP adress is used only for one apparatus. servs to set up one’s own network and it is also used as a local default address for various network routers.

Response protocol to adjust a router having applied

  • Firstly, type by hand into the URL-line of your web browser.
  • Secondly, enter your login information- password and username.
  • Then, choose a special section in the menu- “network”. And type a username and a password from your net provider.
  • Which concerns DNS, Google suggest

While having applied you can face some problems.

For example, a wrong IP address in the LAN connection. You have to check network parameters. Open the properties of the connection through which you are hooked to the modem. Choose Internet protocol section – TCP/IPv4. Be sure that automatic address generation is chosen for DNS server. And the same condition should be also for IP-address. Now try to activate

Also you can face a problem when DHCP-Client service does not work or it is switched off. You have to open TCP/IPv4 section again and establish static addresses: for IP address type, for sub net mask type, and in the default gateway line type

After that if it does not work there must be a program or a hardware breakdown. Now you have to take your router to the service center for examination.