192.168 l 254 – Administration Guide

Owners of modems / routers of popular brands 2Wire, Alcatel, and othersmay wonder: “What does 192.168 l 254 mean?” If you’re one of them, you can find an answer below. means a numerical label that is assigned to the device by its manufacturer. Its main function is to facilitate users in configuring therouter. If you have a knowledge on how to use it, you have a possibility to change all the settings of the device.

Logging In 192.168.l.254 – 3 Reasons to Do It

People typically use 192.168.l.254 (& other IPs, such as forthese purposes:

  • Setting up the router. After logging in, a user gains access to systemadministration, DNS & LAN settings, as well as to interface for changingWPA2 pass.
  • Changing IP for security reasons. We’ll tell you on how to perform thisbelow.
  • Checking LAN connection. This task is executed via pinging the IP of therouter from your local computer & checking whether it is able to exchange information.

How to Get Access to 192.168 l 254?

To go to the needed IP (192.168 1.254), one should enter these digits intothe URL bar of their online browser like Chrome or Mozilla. The factoryname of the user may be either “administrator” or “admin”, it depends on the brand & model of the device. “Admin” is typically the password, however, it may vary. Read instruction indicated at the bottom of themodem to know the proper login data. If the information doesn’t fit, youcan reset the device. How to do this? We will tell you below.

How to Change 192.168 1.254?

The router is a convenient device that is used for transferring informationbetween all your devices, like PCs, smart phones, laptops, and so on. Dueto the fact that the router conducts important information through itself, it often becomes a victim of hackers. They can use computer viruses in order to get access to user’s personal data. The viruses may modifyfirewall settings.

To prevent unauthorized access, you can modify the prefabricated IP of therouter. To do this, you need to open 192.168 l 254 via your browser. Typethis address into the URL bar, then type login & pass. After that, you needto open the tab called “Network Configuration”. In this tab, you’ll see thefactory address, which may be changed. Do that, apply the new settings & reboot the device. That’s all, you have a new IP.

You can reverse IP change at any time by hard resetting your router, whichwill lead to restoring the factory settings. Your IP will be 192.168 l 254 again. To make a hard reset, press a needle or toothpick against a smallbutton placed on the router. Hold it for approximately 20-30 seconds. If you want to know more on routers’ IPs, you can read the article about 192.168.l.l.